Evaluating the Riverdance App

User Research



Riverdance made a mobile app with event information and Irish dancing tutorials. I was tasked with running usability testing and making recommendations for the app.


Project Length
2 weeks

Lead UX


Key activities
User research, Mobile Design, Heuristic Evaluation  



The client asked for usability testing in the lab. I organised 6 participants to come to the usability lab in the office and created a test plan.

A participant doing Irish dancing in the research lab



I felt that the usability testing wasn’t focusing on the strategy of the app enough, so I suggested doing some field research in addition. I visited the Museum of Irish Dance and spoke to staff and guests there. I also visited an Irish Dancing class to test it with the target audience.  

Museum of Irish Dance

Research with a local Irish dancing class



The research showed that:

  • Content of the app was aimed at two different audiences, fans and Irish dancers. Marketing had to be updated to reflect this.
  • Irish dancing tutorial could be marketed as a fitness or exercise app.  
  • Research showed that young Irish dancers (9-17 yr olds) have got smart phones which support the app, so should be included in the target audience.  

Research report