Busting Electric Car Myths

Product Design



Like many car brands, Jaguar are looking towards electric vehicles as the future of their company  but research shows that the general public have many concerns about them. We set about creating an activation to dispel common myths about electric vehicles. The activation is launching in at the Geneva auto show in March 2018

Project Length
6 months
Oct 2017 - March 2018

Lead UX

UX, UI, Animator, 3D design, 2D Design, Production Technology, Production, Backend developer, Frontend developer.

Key activities
Concept Development, Prototyping, User Testing

The suggested layout was a large central map with a screen to interact on either side. I worked on early prototypes which communicated a strong narrative and displayed how the small screens interacted with the large screens.

An early simulation of the map / touchscreen interaction

The interactive screens have 2 features: Take a quiz and create a hyperlaspe video souvenir.

I worked iteratively, incorporating creative updates into my prototypes. I took visual designs and tested them with users to get early feedback. The main feedback was that users didn’t understand the hyperlapse video proposition. This was an important part of the design as one of the KPIs for the project was to measure how many people shared their hyperlapse online. I facilitated a workshop to make the flow of creating a hyperlapse video easier to understand and complete.

I also enjoyed creating high fidelity prototypes to communicate animations and interactions on the wider team.


A key feature of the activation was the ability to create a hyperlapse video of a custom European road trip. The idea of the Creative Team was that the auto show visitor would put their home address into the screen, so the video souvenir would begin from their street. I disagreed and felt the form would be too cumbersome, and that people don’t think about journeys from a building to another building, but from city to city. To test my hypotheses I created a survey and sent it around the Imagination offices worldwide. 94% of people put in a city to a city, so we proceeded with that as our form solution.     


First draft of souvenir form

Updated souvenir form

An example of the hyperlapse souvenir video


The activation will be launched at the Geneva Auto Show on 6th March. User feedback was extremely positive about the entire digital solution. This is an example of many disciplines working closely together and applying the human centred process. I look forward to seeing how it performs at the auto show! 

Activation being installed at Geneva auto show