Communicating a Connected Car Solution

Product Design

Jaguar Land Rover Frankfurt Auto Show Stand 2017


The challenge was to communicate to guests of an auto show that Jaguar and Land Rovers cars come with a suite of apps that make your life easier.

This project was part of a larger project called Innovation Lab, an initiative to increase awareness of JLR’s technology offering. I was the lead UX for the Innovation Lab for three consecutive years. Connected Car was first designed for the Paris Auto Show 2016, then updated for Frankfurt 2017.

Project Length
4 months for overall project
May - Sept 2017

Lead UX & managed 2 freelance UX

Creative director, Visual designers, UX, 2D Designers, 3D designers, Developers, Production Technology and Production

Key activities
Strategy, Research, Digital / Physical Design, Prototyping, User Testing.


Connected Car Paris 2016

I used research from Paris 2016 as a base for my research. I created a competitor benchmarking document to show the team best practice in competitors’ approaches. We evaluated the current version of the software. Recommendations were made for how to improve the activation for this show.

I recommended that we:

  • Minimise the use of multiple screens showing the same content
  • Split the activation into separate brands (Land Rover/Range Rover); previously it had been dual branded
  • Position activations beside vehicles to increase usage

Proto-personas were created based on vehicle target audience documents & prior research. I sketched solutions with the team and then went straight to prototyping.

At first we did grey scale prototypes, which then progressed to pixel perfect prototypes, with correct copy inserted for client feedback.   

User Journey for Connected Car

We did a round of guerilla user research, which identified some concerns, such as navigation issues. We worked with the team to address as many of them as possible.


The wireframes were designed with draft copy inserted, but when the copywriter had finished writing copy, it was significantly longer than expected. The text was to be translated into multiple languages, so we had to review templates to figure out how to cope with the extra copy.  

The result was a pagination mechanic which appeared only if the copy went over a certain amount of characters.

The UI with pagination


The activation was rolled out at Frankfurt 2017.

As a result of moving the activations beside vehicles, screen usage went up by 245% compared to Paris 2016.